Our visit to Carolina Herrera was certainly one of my favorites. I was surprised to learn that  100% of their production is done on site, in Ourense, Spain. To be able to see their factory, the women hand stitching leather handbags and pressing gowns by hand was amazing. What surprised me the most was how fast they are able to produce and respond to consumer demand—something I would expect of a Zara or an H&M, but not so much in high fashion.

We then had the chance to visit the Carolina Herrera store in Ourense and see some of the pieces we saw in the factory on display in the store (like the black polka dot gown above).

To me, one of the measures of success of a brand is to see their core values represented in every thing they do and this was certainly the case with Carolina Herrera. The store was decorated to feel like a home, with photographs of Mrs. Herrera and her daughter displayed on the walls.



Stockholm, The Capital of __________

  1. Fashion: Sloanies visit two of Sweden’s most successful and upstart fashion houses, H&M and Acne Studios
  2. Style: Acne Studios displays its latest styles in their Old Town showroom
  3. Art: Andy Warhol creates iconic artwork for an iconic Swedish brand
  4. Culture: Old Town in Stockholm has been a seat of commerce and trade since the 13th century
  5. Science: the eponymous Nobel Prize, after the famed Stockholm Native, is handed out each year for contributions to the advancement of arts, sciences, and humanity
  6. Tradition: a Constitutional Monarchy, the Royal Place of the Sveriges Kungahus is home to Sweden’s royal family, once rulers of the three crowns - Sweden, Norway, Scania
  7. Cool: the trendy Nespresso shop in downtown Stockholm showcases its wares in bright colors and offers visitors a unique brand experience

The statement is indeed bold, but Stockholm has surely earned the title “Capital of Scandinavia” by personifying the heart of what that appellation means: being all at once modern, traditional, courageous, and unique. In short, being quintessentially Stockholm



Restaurants spotted in Barcelona. It’s always interesting to observe how other countries perceive the brand of your home and what they consider to be representative of you.

The US in particular is faced with a difficult branding challenge and opportunity - we benefit from an incredibly diverse and heterogenous culture, but that also makes it difficult to pin down exactly who we are. Our research and company visits have shown that the most consistent and powerful brands are ones that can be articulated in a few words, and I suspect the US brand would be described very differently depending on who you ask.

However, these restaurants show that at a very basic level our country is associated with our president and soda - which is fairly innocuous compared to what I imagine was the case a decade ago. As I wrap up this study tour, I keep thinking about which brand associations have been confirmed or refuted by my travels these last two weeks. Some impressions have improved drastically, while others have faltered a bit. I look forward to continue my interaction with these brands and watch them evolve over time.

When you hear about Carolina Herrera what do you think?? Better… What outfit to do you picture??? An incredible white shirt and a skirt! And that was exactly what inspired Nelly as we started to listen about her at our visit at STL (Sociedade Textil Liona, parent company of Carolina Herrera and Purificacion Garcia).

That’s what I call a clear and powerful inspiration!!!!

Ps. Tilda Swinton was part of another conversation! She’s not the one represented on the illustration! :D

MIT Branding Study Tour

What Acne Studios and Carolina Herrera have in common???

At first sight these companies have nothing in common… Their styles are completely different, one is traditional and the other is edgy; their customers are not the same; one is inspired by its designer and the other by art, and many more.

However, both companies have passionate leaders that makes everyone to follow them! They are the pure example of leadership branding and how powerful this can be. Everyone in our trip after visit both of these companies wanted something from it!

Before that these brands weren’t in our radar because of their style or the price point. But after the visits this changed for most of us! And what drove these changes? Maybe their marketing presentation, maybe a better understanding of the brand? No and No! It was their CEOs!

What they can have in common to drive this behavior in a group of so many different people? At least in my point of view they were close to us. They made silly jokes, walked around explaining everything to make us understand, they treated us as if we were the most important thing on their schedule. It is hard to explain in words but it is easy to feel!!!

During our trip we visited amazing companies and we had awesome experiences!!!! But Acne Studios and Carolina Herrera were the ones that branded me! That made me want a little piece of it to remember them or just to feel like I am a little piece of their success. They made me change my schedule just to visit their stores and try to find something for myself! That’s how powerful they were!!!

Acne Studios!!!!

Everything makes sense about Acne! The stores, their style, their employees, everything!!!!
How they explain this? Independence, Individuality, Personality! It was an amazing experience to visit their flagship store, Acne Archive and the headquaters!
I wasn’t the only one who thought that after our Acne imersion…. Lots of us wanted and got a pink bag to call your own!!!


I just loved how Brazilian brand Farm managed to reinforce the sense of belonging of its fans! How is the best way to celebrate 150k followers in instagram??? A real picnic!!!

The following link has some photos of the event… Just impressive how cohesive is the style of the fans!!!! I just love it!!!! Farm really knows its public!!! http://modices.com.br/das-ruas/o-instameet-da-farm-na-lagoa/